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Dear Gaila - Book Circles & Disinterested Readers

Dear Gaila,

Last week you posted about Book Circles for struggling readers. My son can read well enough by now but he is disinterested in reading. Could the Book Circles help him?

Book Circles

Dear Parent of Disinterested Reader,

I'm so happy to hear that your child has mastered decoding letters and learning sight words and perhaps even more that, but yes, I understand that it's still hard work and not particularly interesting for your child. The key to success here is to make available as many interesting books as possible for your child on his level. I'm not sure whether your child has been reading for two or five years, however it's still the same. You need to find books on topics and levels that will grab your child's fascination.

For this precise reason we are offering children a chance to join a book circle. An experienced reader can help them find, choose and start them off reading books that will grab their interest but not frustrate them. Contact us if you would like your son to join a Book Circle. Be sure to also check out the school library . Naftali Bennett has okayed the budget for school's English library. Also check out online books.


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