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The Walter Zanger Scholarship Fund


A true lover of Israel Walter Zanger z"l was an American-born Israeli author and tour guide. Walter contributed to newspapers, encyclopedias, and magazines, and served as a member of the editorial board of the Jewish Bible Society.


The Walter Zanger Scholarship Fund will provide scholarships to struggling students who wish to learn and widen their horizons. English language skills will open the doors to their choice of career - engineering, education, languages, leadership, science, hi tech, medicine... 


Walter's wife, Paula Barnard, is a fellow educator who has devoted her life to helping struggling students read. Contributions will honor Paula and Walter's mission of helping Israeli children especially those who need to work harder than others to learn English successfully.

Walter Zanger Scholarship Fund Campaign


Walter Zanger passed away in 2015, but his legacy is alive and kicking - a legacy of education and knowledge.


English is the basis for higher education in Israel. Moreover, it is the foundation for a successful career. Six years ago we created the Walter Zanger Memorial Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships for struggling students who wish to learn English and widen their horizons. 

Our goal for this year is to raise $6,000 for the Walter Zanger Fund to provide 6 children with the extra attention, they need to learn to read. 


  • $1000 provides one child with a year's scholarship

  • $500 provides one child with half a year's scholarship

2021-2022 Goal:


2022-2023 Goal:


English is currently the global language of the world and thus it is crucial for Israeli children to master English. Although the Israeli school system teaches English there still is the need for and therefore the development of a huge and costly private teaching market. But what if you cannot afford to shell out for several years and for several children?


Often in A.H.A.V.A., we get students who need special ed type classes. Smaller than usual classes with just a few students. But this intervention comes at a cost and so many of these parents cannot afford to lay out more money for yet another extra series of tutoring or teaching outside of the regular classroom. 

The Walter Zanger Memorial Scholarship Fund of 2022-23 will offer children - those who truly struggle -  a full scholarship to our English after school classes that would be adapted for them.