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Looking for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah project?

Many Bnei Mitzvah choose to celebrate this special occasion by helping Israeli children. This is your opportunity to contribute Israel's future. English knowledge is one of the keys to the country's success.

So... Are you inspired? Interested?

 Tell us your choice, or cook up a brand new idea together with us.

For more details and ideas visit our Bar and Bat Mitzvah Project site

or email us by clicking here

So what can YOU do?

Join our Annual

Every year A.H.A.V.A. holds a Read-a-thon for children in

grades 1-8. Children are inspired to read and improve their English by leaps and bounds (see our Read-a-thon page) and raise funds for scholarships.

You can join us! Simply get some sponsors and read, read, read!

Collect Books for Us

You can ask all your party guests to bring a gently used children's book along. Ask them to donate a dollar a book to cover shipping costs. 

Perhaps do a book drive. Set up a basket at a few schools and synagogues. Collect the books when you are done. 

You will be helping us to encourage children to read, and also to build school libraries. We will also donate your books to schools where students participate in our Read-a-thon. Participants of the Read-a-thon receive a book of their choice and the winning school receives 25 books for their library. 

Fundraise for our Scholarship Fund

Be creative!


  • One girl asked her local pizza shop to donate all profits from pizzas sold during a set two hours to us. They sold a gazillion pizzas that day!

  • You can collect old cell phones and used ink cartridges in a drop box at your JCC or synagogue. There are several companies that will refund you for them (contact us for names).

  • You might organize a gently used clothing sales and a toy sale.

  •  You can ask guests to help finance a project in lieu of presents - upgrading our library, designing a classroom or any other idea you might have.

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