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Sign up your child for 2022-23!

Use the online sign up form or download our contracts below to email it to us or hand it in.

If you have special requests or feel that your child does not fit a particular group, let us know. We are happy to open groups to fulfill different needs.

Do you want your child to know English?

We offer after school programs (חוגים) for both Hebrew and native English speakers. Currently, we have 8 classes in the Jerusalem area. If you are interested in sending your child to one of our programs, or if you want us to open up a new program in your area contact us at our office: 02-535-6532, send an email to or download one of our contracts below.

English Speakers Program

Our English Speakers Program runs from Kindergarten (foundations of reading and reading) until 6th grade. We teach foundations of reading, writing and creative writing skills.


Currently, there are English speaker classes being held by Zoom for Israeli students all around the country. Additionally, there are Kindergarten and 1st-grade classes in Mitzpe Yericho, Kfar Adumim and Maale Adumim which are frontal when possible and virtual when not. 

Hebrew Speakers Program

Our Hebrew Speakers Program starts from nursery school (age 3) until 8th grade. We teach basic speaking skills and our students gain confidence in their ability to speak English.

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