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In Memory of My Aunt Betty's 1st Yartzeit We Funded 2 More Books for Betty's Books!

Build "Betty's Books":

Each original booklet costs us 750 NIS or 200 USD to create.

  • $36 covers the cost of writing the story.

  • $100 covers the illustrations of one booklet.

  • $64 covers the graphic and other organizing of the booklet.

  • It takes many hours to scour the internet, searching for proper books, contacting their owners and setting up booklists. Help us cover our time.


How would you like to donate?

Betty's Books

Betty Bloomberg z"l was Gaila's aunt. A staunch Zionist and supporter of A.H.A.V.A., she loved reading and the children of Israel. 

To learn a language children need to read. However, Israeli children have little access to emergent readers appropriate for a second language learner. This is why we have created "Betty's Books"!


Betty's Books is a listing of free, downloadable and printable books.  We have both scoured the internet for appropriate books and created original books suited to ESL beginning readers.

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