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Dear Gaila - Book Circles & Struggling Readers

Dear Gaila,

I've seen your posts on facebook that the Readathon is around the corner. You have also mentioned these Book Circles. My daughter is an early struggling reader. Could these Book Circles help her?

Father and son read together for the Readathon

Dear Mother of Struggling Early Reader,

I know how frustrating it is to read and even just to listen to the reading of a child who is just beginning to read. Early reading can be boring, frustrating and challenging for both reader and the listener. However, as they say, practice makes perfect! Very quickly, a young child who is given easy books with just a few words on a page can graduate to a few lines on a page.

The key to success is having many easy English books available. You can make some on your own as we've discussed before or look online for some easy books (Such as on RazKids, Kids vs. Phonics, Oxford Owl & others). Of course you should check out your local library and wonderful neighbors.

We know that sometimes it can be difficult for the parent and child to find the patience and quiet to read. This is why we are offering students the opportunity to join in our Book Circles. Once or twice a week they will sit with a book lover who will encourage the child in those first steps of reading . If you think your child can benefit from joining a Book Circle, contact us. Likewise, if you know of any volunteers who would like to join a Book Circle - let us know!


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