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Dear Gaila - Top Funny Books

Once a month I will post a list of my top books in a certain category. This time I will discuss humorous, silly books that will make you laugh out loud:

Sometimes you just want to snuggle with a good, funny book that will perk up your mood. A book that will have you laughing until tears run down your face, or giggling over the characters' silliness. Here are my top funny books for all ages:

I'm going to start off with my very favorite of all funny authors (which gives you over 85 books to tackle!), Gordan Korman. A fellow Canadian, Gordon Korman published his first book, This Can't be Happening in Macdonald Hall, at 14. I''ll admit that I have not read all his books, but I promise you that the Macdonald Hall series will have you in tears. Son of Interflux, Toilet Paper Tigers and The Twinkie Squad are a few more of Gordan Korman's trademark hilarious books.

Junie B Jones series are enjoyable and funny for all ages

Barbara Park's Junie B. Jones series might be beginning reader levels, but the humor is appropriate for all ages. When I used to read them with my youngest daughter, the four older ones would hang around to catch the funny lines. For older children, check out more of Barbara Park's funny books.

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is a prolific elementary and high school level author. Her many books include the hilarious and enjoyable Alice series, as well as the Boy/Girl Battle series.

More hilarious books

If you are looking for humorous books with a touch of detective - Sammy Keyes series are the perfect solution. This quirky amateur detective uses her original outlook on life to help solve mysteries.

Monster Road by David Lubar is another one of my favorites. The orphaned hero, sent to live with a scientist uncle, encounters many monsters on the road. I won't tell you more!

Monster Road will have you giggling

Sideway Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar are zany books recommended by our own A.H.A.V.A. teacher, Batya Mirsky, alongside the more classic Beezus and Ramona series.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a humorous and honest series for young readers. Even younger readers can enjoy Dr. Suess books. And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street has always been one of my favorites, alongside I Wish I had Duck Feet and Fox in Socks. Robert Quackenbush offers young readers the excellent and funny Henry the Duck series.

Dr. Suess is classic humor

Beginning chapter book readers will find the classic Pippi Longstocking series as funny as ever. Those on a slightly higher level can enjoy the Anastasia Krupnik series, as Anastasia deals with her trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Happy Reading!


Next month I'll post a list of our top pick of teen books. Let us know what teen classics you think should go in there!

Gaila has almost 40 year of experience teaching and runs A.H.A.V.A., a non-profit to promote English literacy. Would you like to ask Gaila a question? Email us at or send us a message. Look out for more Dear Gaila columns

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