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Dear Gaila - Our Pick of Books for Short Chapter Books

Once a month I will post a list of my top books in a certain category. This time I will discuss short chapter books:

It is super exciting when your child is ready for short chapter books. Your child is no longer reading measly three page chapters, but actually reading real books! These books have 2-3 syllable words, many sight words, a richer vocabulary and a natural flow of the language. These are books that your child can really get into and identify with the characters. There are finally enough words to flesh out the main character whether he is a detective or a schoolchild.

  • The first book series that comes to mind is the Magic Tree House series. These books have been the first chapter books for many of my students. Mary Pope Osborne's fantasy and history series has taken children all over the world and through time.

  • Captain Underpants – despite the intentional misspelling in the books, the kids eat them up, love them and they get a lot out of them – i.e. they read and read them! And that is the bottom line!


Next month I'll post a list of our top pick of books for all ages in the humor genre. Let us know what humorous classics you think should go in there!

Gaila has almost 40 year of experience teaching and runs A.H.A.V.A., a non-profit to promote English literacy. Would you like to ask Gaila a question? Email us at or send us a message. Look out for more Dear Gaila columns

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