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The Melissa Maduro Fund

Melissa Maduro loved Israel and and she loved children. Family, as well as her Jewish identity, was always important to Melissa. She had a gift for languages and was always eager to learn. Melissa died young, leaving behind a young family. 


The Melissa Maduro Fund will provide scholarships to needy students who, like Melissa, love to learn and widen their horizons. English language skills will open the doors to their choice of career - engineering, education, languages, leadership, science, hi tech, medicine... 


We hope these young children will reflect Melissa's dreams in the fulfillment of their potential as part of Israel's exciting future. Contributions to the Melissa Maduro Fund will help perpetuate her memory. 

Contribute to The Melissa Maduro Fund

In 2019-20 we anticipate requests of $10,000 in scholarship funds. Last year we raised $3,253. Our goal is to raise $3,600 for the 2019-20 Melissa Maduro Fund.


  • $400 provides one child with a year's scholarship

  • $200 provides one child with 6 months' scholarship

  • $36 provides one child with a month's scholarship

  • Contributions in any multiples of 18 "Chai" - the Hebrew word for life, will be welcomed. 


How would you like to donate?

2019-2020 Campaign

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