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Dear Mr. Bennett - Ministry of Education English Reforms VIII

Dear Mr. Naftali Bennett,

While I haven't received a response from you following all my letters about ideas to improve English fluency in Israel, I have been reading what you have been saying in the papers about suggested reforms, such as the one below. I am so excited because it sounds like you have good advisers.

Teaching children in preschool through games and songs is definitely the way to start. I'm so happy to hear that you understand that teaching English in kindergarten is done differently than in elementary and high school. Through games, songs and finger play with both fine and gross motor skills in a natural way just like they learn their native language. They will have fun AND learn English on the way.

Newspaper article about proposed English reforms

More hours of English will definitely help as will smaller classes. Having English speaking volunteers in every English classroom will enable the more individual attention needed for practicing and learning English fluency.

I hope we will see these changes happen very soon! My greatest dream would be for my non-profit to promote English literacy to be redundant in a few years because every Israeli child will know English fluently through the education system.

Gaila Cohen Morrison

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