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Dear Gaila - How to Encourage your Child to Write

Dear Gaila,

Before Pesach my son's teacher suggested that we work on his writing skills. Pesach vacation is already halfway over and all my encouragements to get him writing have fallen flatter than a piece of matzah. Please help me out here before my son goes back to school!

Desperate Mother

Encourage your child to write

Dear Desperate (and Wonderful!) Mother,

I have enough ideas for you for a two part column. This week I'll share some simple small things that are easy to get them doing during the busy chol hamoed time.

Children can help you write your shopping or to do lists (especially interesting during pesach vacation times!). Of course have them write in English. Keep an ongoing list on the fridge and have them add to it!

I used to suggest having your children take phone messages for you in English – but nowadays this is a bit dated. Instead I would suggest that you insist that all text messages to you be written in English.

All notes, shopping lists and messages must be in English

Make it clear to children that notes have to be written in English. It doesn't have to be spelled correctly – it just must be in English! I have saved many notes from my kids throughout the years. There is one I especially love:

"Save this until Shavuot. I made this with all my heart. Love D.D."

Thank you notes in English – encouraging your children to write them are good practice as well as good manners! Especially relevant for Afikoman presents!

Writing letters to grandparents and other English speaking members can be a good Pesach activity – see here for more on that.

Next week I'll share ideas with you on writing a book together.

Moadim Le'Simcha,


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