So how was the Award Ceremony?

Read-a-thon 2015 was spectacular. We can't wait for Read-a-thon 2016!

What did we have this year?

  • 164 participants! Including 5 adults & 19 teens!

  • 13 schools!

  • 2,328 books read! 97,516 pages read!

  • 18,000 NIS raised!

Click here for a list of Winners and Prizes

On a more personal note, I want to share what I felt handing out prizes at our tenth annual Read-a-thon:

Watching all those kids come up to the stage I thought of each form they handed in with its laborious handwriting. I saw their faces flushed with excitement, eyes shining with pride at their accomplishments. That is the moment that I know that all the work that I have done is worth it.

Israel's future is standing beside me - a true teacher moment. Parents, sponsors, teachers - thank you for all your support and encouragement you gave to A.H.A.V.A. and the kids to make READATHON 2015 happen!


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