DEC 27 - JAN 31

How is the 2020

Read-a-thon different from all the other Read-a-thons?

We used to ask - how many books have you read? Now we ask - how many vouchers have you earned?

Read more pages- achieve higher levels-

earn more vouchers.

Each grade has their own unique levels by amount of pages, decided by previous years' statistics. Download the table here.

Appreciate how much your child has advanced in English because of the Read-a-thon? Want to support A.H.A.V.A.? Help us cover the costs by donating whatever you like here, or by finding sponsors for every book using these forms.

More questions?

Visit our FAQ page!

Every reader is a winner! 

Donate as much as you want!

243 children read 3,459 books and 212,279 PAGES in English!
That's a 25% increase from last year!

Call Us: +972-2-535-6532   /  /  Mitzpeh Yericho, POB 403, D.N. Arvot HaYarden, 9065100 Israel

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