2021: 209,891 pages 

2020: 270,820 pages 

2019: 212,279 pages 

 2018: 170,214 pages

2017: 139,892 pages

2016: 115,416 pages

How many pages will be read THIS year?!

We read 310,177 pages in Readathon 2022!

How many will we read in Readathon 2023?

How is A.H.A.V.A.'s Read-a-thon different from all the other Read-a-thons?

Every reader is a winner! 

We used to ask - how many books have you read? Now we ask - how many vouchers have you earned?

Read more pages- achieve higher levels-

earn more


Each grade has their own unique levels by amount of pages, decided by previous years' statistics. Download the table here.

Donate as much as you want!

Appreciate how much your child has advanced in English because of the Read-a-thon? Want to support A.H.A.V.A.? Help us cover the costs by donating whatever you like here, or by finding sponsors for every book using these forms.

Celebrate online!

We will hold a virtual Awards Ceremony.

Prizes will arrive by snail mail or e-mail.