FAQ about the Read-A-Thon

Is there a minimum donation to join the Readathon?

Yes, the minimum donation is 50 NIS.

Why is there a minimum donation for participating in the Readathon?

The Readathon is expensive to run. Therefore – in order to cover costs, we ask for a minimum donation.

Why should my child participate in the Readathon? What will he gain?

1) The primary benefit is the amazing value of getting your child to read English books for 5 weeks. This gives the child an incredible boost in the English literacy. 2) Admission to the Awards Ceremony which includes a terrific show! 3) There are the raffle prizes for the adults, and top prizes for the winners (30+ children win top prizes - jeep tours, vouchers, games etc. each year). 4) A.H.A.V.A. gives each participating school 10 books for their English library; and the school that reads the most books wins 25 books for their library. 5) The Tzedaka aspect. It is there as a positive incentive, and an additional educational lesson. A child who is struggling to read will feel it worthwhile because each book he reads will bring in more Tzedaka. Whether the child is raising 20 shekels per book, or 10 agorot per book is irrelevant. That he can raise money for Tzedaka through something he does is valuable.

What happens at the Awards Ceremony?

We have a great time celebrating the amazing accomplishments of the hundreds of kids, teens and adults who all read thousands of books over these 5 weeks! We have books for sale; a terrific performance; numbers of readers and books from each school is announced with much cheering from the audience; the winning school is proclaimed; and of course we hand out prizes to each participants. Oh, yes, we also have a lottery of nice prizes for the adults amongst us;

Does my child have to read in public?

No. All reading is done on his own. I suggest that they younger ones read the first few books out loud to their parents.

How do you know if a participant truly read her books?

Parents or teachers sign off on each book. We often check with the parents or teachers of the winning students to make sure they truly read.

What books should my child read?

Books on his level. Your child should understand about 95% of the words in order for it to be read independently. If you are not sure of the level ask the English teacher or email us.

What should I do if my child only wants to read books that are too easy for her?

Tell her she can start with a couple easy ones and then ease her into the next level. Often children are fearful of taking that next step. Once they do, however, and realize that they enjoy the stories in the harder books all that much more, they just go full steam ahead.

Where do I get books?

Local library, English teacher, school library, friends etc.

Why businesses have logos on the bottom of my form?

Those businesses are sponsoring the Readathon. Use their services, and when you do - let them know how much your kids benefit from the Readathon.

Can I get a receipt for my donation?

Yes, Click here to donate through our Jgive page . Note that tax deductible receipts are available for Israel, the US and Canada.

Do you have more questions? Contact us here or by email.